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What is Gobo light and what advantages it gives You designing an event?

What is this thing called “Gobo” and what use it is for me. Do find out and keep reading further.


What is Gobo?

The term ‘Gobo’ is an acronym which stands for ‘Go Between Optics. It is a small stenciled circular disc, used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. It is placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light and its shadow.

Gobos are either made of steel or glass. Steel gobos are basic, have a short life span and are typically black and white. Glass gobos are more detailed, they have a longer life span and are described as coloured.

There is also a new type of gobo entering a market which is designed for LED fixtures and is made of plastic.

Where is it used?

You have probably seen its extraordinary effects in theaters, entertainment venues and particularly on dance floors where light designers can manipulate shapes to create moving light images.

For promotional effects gobos are far more modern.

It is effective marketing tool for pop-up bars, product launches and events.

They are fun and aesthetically pleasing than banners and corporate signage. Gobos are also far more versatile as they can be used to create moving patterns, images and shapes. Think falling leaves or raindrops, snowflakes, etc. They are vibrant, relevant to your theme or event and audiences will love them.

Gobos can also be used for outdoors. There is a common misconception that gobo projectors and gobo lightning only works well in dark.

The lighting can make it slightly more difficult for an outdoor gobo projector, but you should look for (or create) a shaded space for the gobo projector.

Festivals are a fantastic example of gobo projection outdoors, particularly during the earlier sets. The shade of a marquee or tent during the day enables the gobo projectors to project images at a much further distance.

Why use gobo projection?

It is an innovative, interesting and creative option for example displaying company logos around your venue. This is the perfect way to provide publicity for corporate sponsors, and make more money from advertising. It can also be effective for promoting your own company or brand, and raising awareness.

It can be more effective for attracting interest and focusing your audiences attention on the logo as it uses light to display the logo.

To keep it more interesting, you can move it around. It is definitely something new and more effective then using the old traditional ways like posters.

It will also attract audience attention. You can use it to draw attention to a certain point

Gobo projections can definitely add interest to a plain venue. They can be setup to match the colors of your event theme or decor.

It really is a easy way to give interest, pattern and focus on you event design.

Effective gobo lighting really can bring an event to life.

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